Team Lead

Gazihan Alankus

Gazihan Alankuş is the founder of GBot. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Computer Engineering from Middle East Technical University in 2002 and 2005, and his doctorate degree in Washington University in St. Louis in 2011. His research topics include Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Games, Mobile Applications and Robotics.

Google Developer Expert

He is a Google Developer Expert in Flutter and Dart, one of 50 such people around the world that are recognized by Google. He gave a number of talks about asynchronous programming in Flutter in the following venues: (1) DevFest Izmir 2018, (2) Izmir University of Economics, (3) DevFest Veneto 2019, (4) Flutter Study Jam Izmir 2019, (5) Flutter Türkiye Online Meetup #1 2020, (6) Flutter Izmir Online Meetup 2020, (7) Flutter Con India 2020 and (8) Level Up with GDE 2020.

Assistant Professor

He's an Assistant Professor, teaching Mobile App Development with Flutter and Firebase, Human-Computer Interaction and Game Development with Unity.