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We love to listen and share our opinions. Remote work becomes an advantage with tools such as Slack, Jira, Trello and Skype.


We are a one-stop company for full-cycle development: storyboards, prototypes, UI/UX design, frontend and backend development.


We embrace new technologies such as Flutter, Firebase and Hasura. Your app will be just like the million-dollar apps that we all love to use.

Technologies We Use


UI/UX Starts with People

With our team lead teaching Human-Computer Interaction since 2012 and providing relevant consultancy services, we have a solid understanding of what makes an app a delight to use. We identify workflows by drawing storyboards—for scenarios both with and without the app. This helps us shape how the app fits in with the user's life. Then we focus on what goes on between the user and the app, which leads our decisions about the app's screens. We start with paper prototypes which gradually evolve to Adobe XD and the actual app. Iteratively conducting usability tests with users and applying heuristic evaluation according to established guidelines help us perfect the interaction. This is the method that makes Apple and Google's products usable and we have years of first-hand experience applying it.


Software Development and Consulting

With our expertise in Flutter and Firebase, we can convert a design to an actual app blazingly fast, keeping you in the loop along the way. For larger projects, we use Hasura and PostgreSQL to give you the best of both worlds: reliability of SQL with the agility of NoSQL. We are obsessed about clean code and git use—you can easily trace the reasoning behind each line of code. We strive to develop the perfectly polished and smoothly flowing app that your users crave, while ensuring scalability, maintainability and security. Tracking and understanding user behavior, targeted notifications, A/B testing, performance monitoring and machine learning are among tools that help a modern app succeed—we are excited to bring them to your app, too.


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We design and develop iOS and Android mobile apps for startups and companies innovating on mobile.


GBot Yazilim Danismanlik San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.

İTOB OSB Mah. 10032 SK. Bilim Park A NO: 2/1A İç Kapı No: 001 Menderes/İZMİR 35471

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